Group Akterm Group New Horizons for the Akterm Group will continue on its way by taking engineering, quality,
efficiency, reliability, contemporary knowledge and technology as
the main principle.
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Group Akterm Enerji We Direct to The Our company was established in Istanbul. In the process of using energy resources that have been going on since the first fire that human beings burned, the paradigm of fighting nature has lost its validity as an undeniable reality with the climate changes that we see today. www.aktermenerji.com Facebook Instagram LINKEDIN Energy YOUTUBE Group Akterm Mekanik Turkey's Most Innovative Since 2012, we are a company that has been providing services in the design and application of mechanical installations of industrial facilities, power plants, factories, residences, villas, dormitories, shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, shops, within the framework of national and international standards. www.aktermmekanik.com.tr Facebook Instagram LINKEDIN Mechanical Installation Company YOUTUBE

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About Us

We continue by completing all the mechanical works of the world’s largest landfill gas electricity generation facility on the road we set off by doing mechanical installation and contracting works in 2012.Being aware of the fact that renewable energy is an indispensable need for a sustainable future, we develop solutions with our expert staff in the design, implementation, commitment and management of projects that will end our country’s external dependence on energy.

We consider energy productivity and recycling not only a business, but a future for our children, and strive to become a nation that exports future technology to the world with the application of commercial and experimental technologies.


Our Services

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is the energy obtained from a constant flow of energy in natural processes that continue permanently.

Energy productivity

Energy productivity is the consumption of less energy to obtain a workpiece without affecting its quality or properties.

Industrial facilities

It will continue its way as the main principle based on engineering, quality, modern knowledge and technology.

Heating and cooling facilities

It will continue as a major principle on its way based on contemporary engineering, quality, efficiency, reliability, knowledge and technology.

Akterm Group

We Direct The Energy

Akterm Group, with its dynamic and innovative staff, provides services to its customers in the fields of project, design and contracting, from feasibility studies to testing and commissioning of Renewable Energy plants.

As a company, we follow the latest technological developments in the world in engineering in order to ensure efficiency and short return times, which are the most important issues in energy investment projects.

Among the services we offer to our customers are the feasibility, project, design, undertaking and operation of power plants, increasing the energy efficiency of existing power plants, waste heat recovery, cogeneration, design and implementation of trigeneration systems.


Million kWh Annual Generation Potential


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Cental Office

  • +90 216 417 30 53
  • info@aktermgroup.com
  • Soğanlık Yeni Mah. Fuat Paşa Sk. No: 12: İST OFİS Plaza K:7 D:15 Kartal / İSTANBUL

Germany Office

  • 0049 2204 300 6796
  • omertopal@aktermgroup.com
  • 1234 North Avenue Luke Lane, South Bend, IN 360001

USA Office

  • +1 516 800 66 31
  • m.yildirim@aktermgroup.com
  • 361 4th Ave, Westwood, NJ 07675