Company Profile

Company Profile

Company Profile

We continue by completing all the mechanical works of the world’s largest landfill gas electricity generation facility on the road we set off by doing mechanical installation and contracting works in 2012. Being aware of the fact that renewable energy is an indispensable need for a sustainable future, we develop solutions with our expert staff in the design, implementation, commitment and management of projects that will end our country’s external dependence on energy.

We consider energy productivity and recycling not only a business, but a future for our children, and strive to become a nation that exports future technology to the world with the application of commercial and experimental technologies.

Our Vision

Akterm Group’s vision is to create the highest value in Turkey “Energy Oriented Company” is to be.

Our Mission

With 12 years of corporate knowledge is to create value by preserving the heritage and values of Turkey. Akterm is committed to providing services at the highest standards of safety and ethical behavior through its investments and subsidiaries.

Our Values

The values that we, as Akterm Group, take as a basis in our business, that we will protect and develop and transfer to our employees; dignity, compliance with ethical principles and legislation, loyalty, cooperation, sustainability, self-confidence and perseverance.